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About Us

Who We Are

Mirai No Hikari is a Japan-based non-profit organization with a global reach. Our mission is to bring positive change to various communities through a range of philanthropic initiatives.

Founder and Visionary




Sumon Serkar is the Founder and CEO of Mirai No Hikari. His leadership and direction have been instrumental in shaping the organization. He has provided various forms of assistance, including support for child education, which is one of our core causes.

Future in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, where primary education is supposed to be free and textbooks are provided by the government, a harsh reality persists. More than 4.3 million children aged 6–15 years are not attending school, and a staggering 42 million people, approximately 26 percent of the population, remain illiterate. 

At Mirai no Hikari, our mission is clear: to provide free education and a brighter future for those who are denied it due to financial constraints.

Our Ongoing Efforts

Mirai no Hikari has already embarked on a journey to transform lives in Bangladesh. Our commitment to education goes beyond textbooks; it encompasses the holistic development of these children. Here’s a glimpse of what we are doing:


Our Team

The Power of Community Support

Md. Sumon Sarker


Jhon Sanzida

H.R Head



Moli Deb


Helping the Community


Save this child. Save the future.
Your support of 150 yen per day will change
the future of a child.Become a Child Sponsor.

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