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Brightening Futures in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, where primary education is supposed to be free and textbooks are provided by the government, a harsh reality persists. More than 4.3 million children aged 6–15 years are not attending school, and a staggering 42 million people, approximately 26 percent of the population, remain illiterate. At Mirai no Hikari, our mission is clear: to provide free education and a brighter future for those who are denied it due to financial constraints.



Our Ongoing Efforts

Mirai no Hikari has already embarked on a journey to transform lives in Bangladesh. Our commitment to education goes beyond textbooks; it encompasses the holistic development of these children. Here's a glimpse of what we are doing:

Recurring donations 45%
One-time donations 70%

Free Education and Learning Materials


Child Education


Rohingya Refugee kids Support


Bangladesh Child live Support

Ongoing donations are the lifeblood of Mirai no Hikari’s mission. They enable us to provide free books, education, and essential services to children and families who are trapped in the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. With the support of our donors and volunteers, we are making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to our vision of a Bangladesh where every child has the opportunity to receive an education, break free from the shackles of poverty, and pursue a brighter future. Your ongoing donations are the key to making this vision a reality. Together, we can continue to illuminate minds and transform lives.



Save this child. Save the future.
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