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In Bangladesh, although primary education is free and the government provides textbooks, more than 4.3 million children aged 6–15 years are not in school, and around 42 million people, or about 26 percent of the population, are still illiterate. 


Our team is trying to give them a free education for those who are not getting a chance to go to school because of the financial crisis. We have already started working on this. We give them free education, books, and other educational stuff to make their future bright. We are also giving them free breakfast and lunch so that no student remains hungry. Along with education, we are also giving them vocational training so that they can grow their skills and make their own lives. As our goal is to make their future bright. We give female girls stitching training and give boys driving training along with their studies.


To improve their lives, we also need Your support. No matter how small the support is, it can improve their lives and remove poverty from their lives. We know everyone deserves a bright future, and your one small donation can change their whole life. So let’s raise our hands together with those helpless people and help them get a bright future. From our annual report, you can also see how you are improving someone’s life.


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Save this child. Save the future.
Your support of 150 yen per day will change
the future of a child.Become a Child Sponsor.

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